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"The same goes for you." She stated in response, shifting closer and moving her hands to the back to unclip her bra. Slowly, it fell onto the bed and she knelt in front of Elsa with slightly flushed cheeks. The cold air finally touching her exposed breasts.

"Well I’ve never done this with a girl, why not try?” She chuckled. “I never thought you were into girls either…” She leaned closer to the girl and licked her lips, waiting for her to make a move.

"Who the hell needs men?"

Finally, the fair haired girl seemed to relax, her lips lifting up in the corners, before she gave a small laugh. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” She simply stated.

Reaching forwards, her hand gently stroked the other girl’s cheek, before leaning down enough to press a slow kiss to the other’s lips. Her fingers reached back, curling in her long hair as she tugged her just a little closer. Then, she pulled back with a small giggle.

"And all this time, I thought you liked my sister." She said, reaching back to carefully unclasp her own bra.

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"No, no it’s okay…" She said, sounding a little too eager. Once they did this it would just make it easier for the next times. Watching as she removed her own shirt. "It’s going to happen sometime, why not now?" Rapunzel smiled, being her usual cheerful self.

This was right, benefiting the two of them without the trouble of being in a relationship.

"Well, it’d be good if you’re comfortable with this." Elsa answered her.

She crossed her arms under her breasts, the mounds obscured from vision by the light blue bra she was wearing. She pressed her lips together, eyeing the other girl carefully. Trying to make sure this was something that she really wanted, and not something she was heading into head first because of a recent break up.

"Besides," she finally said, letting her arms drop away and her hands to rest in her lap. "I never saw you as the type to be interested in other women. I’m sure you could have easily found a guy who’d fuck you without the troubles of a relationship."

In the back of her head, she was questioning why her? They’d never been that close, not that close as Anna and Rapunzel were. But then again, the two were easily excitable, while Elsa was more into thinking things through and trying to keep a straight face.

(Closed RP with queen-of-ice-and-snow)


Rapunzel lifted her shirt over her head, leaving her in nothing other than a bra. She stared over at Elsa who was sitting on the bed watching her. The conversation the two of them had earlier was still going through her mind.

Recently the two of them had broken up with their boyfriends, and it woke them up. What was the point of love? To feel hurt all of the time? Who needed love, it wasn’t something neither of them needed. That is were they formed this agreement. Friends with benefits.

"This doesn’t mean anything…" She mumbled, dropping her top to the floor and climbing onto the bed.

"Yes, we’ve discussed this, Rapunzel." Elsa spoke calmly.

She didn’t seem phased at all that the other female was stripping, blue eyes watching the shirt fall to the floor, before watching the smaller figure move to join her on the bed. Letting out a slow breath, it seemed it was her turn now.

Lifting her shirt, she raised her eyebrows as she eyed the other girl. “We do not have to do this so soon, we’ve only just discussed this today.” She said, her shirt discarded and joining the other’s on the floor.

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❄ Blinking, the fair haired woman stared at the other blonde. Slowly, a smile came to her face, before she nodded her head. “Alright, I suppose I can allow that.”